Combat Simulation Training Program

 (coming soon. For more info about available game modes, please Click here)

The Galactica Virtual Training Missions will be the next major update, available in BETA version at first, when there are not too many customers at the lasertag.

You will be enrolled and trained to use the next generation weapons. It's not coming from the future, it's designed and used by other human civilizations around other stars, many light years away from our Sun. We called the 3 main and most powerful civilizations around the Vega star cluster the Empire, the GCORP, and the Ayoniens. They created a peacekeeping organization called "the united Galactica peacekeeping organization" (or simply said The Galactica), and they need highly trained, courageous, fearless soldiers to be sent to places conflict of interests put the nations at war, to act quickly in a an effort prevent a new global interstellar war.

The Galactica sent to a few remote civilization the plans for training facilities that emulates in approximate size, weight and effect of use of the rare yet most advanced weapons used by the Galactica military (a powerful fusion powered laser gun that only it's intelligent opposition phase variable magnetic protective armor can protect from.)

We have now built such facility, and now actively recruit new soldiers of all ages willing to participate in our training program. The program consists of a pre-serie of 3 basic missions, then after you choose a faction, one of its general will lead you through the simulation of 9 missions to Cygni E2 second moon, at the search for the mythical - and highly coveted - Tergonium minerals.

Will you help affirm the Empire supremacy? Help the GCORP be richer than any other civilization that has ever existed around the Vega cluster? Or help the Ayoniens make disappear what could be dangerous in the hands of greedy nations.