Corporate events (team building)

Be ready for Lasertag, maybe the only place you'll be allowed to shoot at your boss!

 A company is a team, where you need to work all together, do with multiple obstacles in your environment, and try to get the best of each member if you are to succeed to do better than the competition and go on. We'll show you at the Galactica Lasertag how good team spirit means success,

We'll make you a special program, starting by a training to futuristic laser guns equipments, then train your team skills during 2 special war game modes where leadership and strategy is needed. 


1/ basic training  2/ Commanders   3/ Base (increasing strategy skills required to succeed)

No limit of life, everyone will play together the whole time during match

Each game takes around 15min, but it's really a tense sport, like ping pong, you can't really play more without little pause between games, so it will take a little more than one hour and half to complete the program.

I promise you sweat!


Corporate event programm is availlable to any group with VIP status:

You need 12 players playing 3 games and making a booking to get VIP status (free VIP room for 2h, you can take your drinks and snacks, can play by yourselves in a separate arena, etc)


Pricing for groups - gives VIP access.

Map/contact info.

Book online your VIP ROOM now by clicking here.