Birthday Party


The Birthday party offer is our most wanted offer. 

All you need is booking in advance, and have at least 12 players playing 3 games.

This will allow your group to have a special VIP room for 2 hours (3 games take around 1h30 with rests in between, which leaves another 30 min for birthday cake celebration), where you are allowed to take with you your own drinks/food/cake/etc.

Other advantages includes the possibility to book early morning or late evening, have your group play by itself in a separate arena.

Last but not least, this allows you to take advantages of group prices.

Note: we have a fridge, ice cubes, microwave, etc...

Il the kids prefer to play more games, please book for a longer time (ex: 4 hours for 6 games).



Q: Vincent, hello. I forgot how long does each game last? And there is 3 sessions of them?
A: Hi! Each game is exactly 12min of shooting time+5 to 10min of preparation/getting in/getting out/check scores+ you need a rest between 2 games (15min). So the usual 3 games should take you 1h and half. So we usually provide VIP room for 2 hours, so you also have enough time for celebration/cake.

Q: When Steve came to see your place, did he tell you which room he choose? Probably I will come to see your place again, to decide where to put party decorations.
A: Which VIP room depends on size of group (below than 17 or more than 18) and availlability. You can come to check with me any time. We are normaly opened 2pm to 10pm (sometime also opened in morning or late evening also upon VIP room bookings)

Q: But we probably will stay longer, than 2 hours. Because children are little and they need to eat. And I don't know how much time will Steve need to prepare the table before guests will arrive.
A: It is possible to come earlier to prepare a room, the condition being that no other group use the room before that. If no group has booked the room after your party I can leave you the room for as long as nobody else needs it. If you which to make a booking for more than the usual 3 games I can also book for a longer time. And in any case if someone else needs the room after you it doesn't mean you have to leave the lasertag, we always have a large place availlable at the bar area. 

Q: Which time do you usually have most bookings?
A: Most busy time is on Sat 2pm to 4pm.

Q: If we book 4 games for 15 players, how much is it?
A: Average price per player gets lower with no of players and no of games played. 
15pp for 3 games (total 45 games event) = 1375 rmb (average 30.56 per game per player)
15pp for 4 games (total 60 games event)= 1750 (average 29.17 per game per player), just like if it was a group of 20 players playing 3 games.