Sport and tournaments

Sport and competition programs:

1.Private competition for groups

Private 4 teams competition

Min. 20 players, max.64 players. (2 to 3 hours)
Group is divided into a Red, Blue, Green and Yellow teams (5~16 players per team) [5, 6, or 7 players per team for a total of 20, 24 or 28 players in total for playing the most strategic competition base game mode]
1st round: Red VS Blue, Green VS Yellow
2nd round: Red VS Green, Blue VS Yellow
3rd round: Red VS Yellow, Blue VS Green
Total: 3 games per player, no matter who wins or loses.

Private 8 teams competition

Min. 40 players, max 128 players. (if more than 64 players, this will take 4 to 5 hours)
Group is divided into 8 teams A B C D E F G H (5~16 players per team) [5, 6, or 7 players per team for a total of 40, 48 or 56 players in total for playing the most strategic competition base game mode]
1st round: A vs B, C vs D, E vs F, G vs H.
2nd round: winners of 1st round go to semi finals (eg: A vs C, F vs, G), losers of 1st round go to "second chance" tournament and fight for the 3rd place.
3rd round: winners of 2nd round against each another for final (for 1nd to 4th place), losers of 2nd round against each another (for 5th to 8th place).
Total: 3 games per player, no matter who wins or loses.


Please check with us with possible rewards, we can usually offer nice rewards such as medals for the winning team(s), but it needs to be organize a couple of weeks in advance.

2.Galactica public competition system

There's an ongoing long-term Galactica competition you can join anytime. Based on the ELO ranking system, each team starts with 1500pts, then each victory will make you win points while each defeat will make you lose points, how many points you win depending of the relative strenth of your oponent. This means that 2 teams having the same strengh will progressively get a similar ranking level over time.

Best teams gets huge discounts for lasertag games, and have reserved places (usually in quarterfinal) during tournaments.

To participate, just register your team for free:
- team name: ______________
- team captain name: ______________
- captain phone no: ______________ +wechat (if different): ______________

You can fill a form at the Lasertag or send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Standard competition team mode is base flags in Arena "BC":
Killing your oponent sends him back to his base station, +he will then need another 7 seconds to be able to get back in the game.
Shooting the enemy base once destroys it, giving your team 1 point. Then the base cannot be shot for 10 seconds, after which your team can try to score again.
Specific rules: at game start and after dying, you need to go near your base, which will send a signal to your equipment every few seconds. Once your equipment receives the signal, it will emit sound and shines, and the screen on the laser gun will start a 6 second count-down. You are allowed to go around and hide during those 6 seconds before you are back into the game, however you are not allowed to get next to an enemy or cross the 'river' and rush into the enemy half of the game zone until you are back alive.
Just like any game, moving too fast or misbehaving during gameplay is prohibited, the referre is allowed to issue warning, put a score penalty or get a player out of the game if anything dangerous or unfair is noted.
Before the game starts, both teams get a couple of minutes in the Arena to discuss strategy.
Each team has one obstacle at its disposal to place as pleased in its half of the game, after the game starts, each team can push/move/make use of theses obstacles; however it is not allowed to step over them or destroy them.
Use of talky-walkie is permited; and some are usually made availlable to players, specifically for this competition game mode.

We help the registered teams to find suitable oponents (taking into account age and level) and find a suitable time for the match. Usually the match will last for 2 games (each team being once the Green team and once the Red team, so that it's fair). Result will either be a victory; a draw; or a defeat. Note: a draw againt a team with higher level will increase your level, while a draw against a team wil lower level will decrease your level (a little).

Each registered team level and ranking is published in the Lasertag on the dedicated whiteboard. Will you dare challenge the top 3 Galactica teams?