Game modes

There are dozens of special ways to play lasertag at the Galactica, and we develop new ones every month. Game modes last 12min of shooting time each, sometimes one or 2 min more to compensate the time players may need to activate in some game modes.

Main games modes are:

Classic lasertag mode

More officially named "Team game mode", kids often call it the "Team Death Match".
2 teams (3 or 4 teams also possible) fight for victory. Front and shoulders = 200pts, gun = 50pts, back = 100pts. No limit of life or ammo.
A player killed will be 'dead', that is, deactivated for 5 seconds. During this time, if any opponent is near him, he is supposed to leave and hide, and he is not allowed to follow any enemy player during that time. Other players are not allowed to follow dead players either, they can however take the place that was occupied by the dead player when he died.
Simply said:
1/ Do not follow players when you die.
2/ Do not follow dead players.
3/ If 2 enemies are next to each another and want the same spot, the one who dies first is the one that is supposed to leave it's place to the other one.

Note: these same rules apply for most game modes.

More fun: "insanity"

In this free-for-all game mode, things get a lit bit crazy: you cannot just shoot everyone in the game, you have to aim at players that are of different color (4 colors in total). Seems pretty simple. However, colors will keep changing during the game, either randomly after being killed, or after a minute or so. The trick is, if you are not careful which color you are in, you may well lose your attention trying to shoot (in vain) some players of the same color, and there's a good chance somebody else will take advantage of this to come to kill you.

More professionnal: "Base flags"

This is the default game mode for competition. It requires high strategical and tactical skills.
As a matter of fact, the Liwan Galactica B-C arena has been specially designed for this game mode.


2 teams (4 to 7 players per team, preferably the same no. of players in both teams).
Each team has a base station to defend while trying to get points by destroying the enemy base.
Please check the sport and competition page for specific rules details.


Your team will both need heroes (very strong players able to silently get their way through the enemy lines to the flag) and team work (deciding the right opportunity to make a -possibly suicidal- counter-attack). Who will attack? Defend? Control the 'river'? Snipers on 2nd floor to control strategic areas/paths?
There are secret paths and shooting windows unknown to most players.
There are short-but dangerous paths, that you may take only if you think you're fast / lucky / over-numbering enemies enough, or longer paths that may allow you to take the enemy from behind by surprise.
Will you make good use of the obstacles put at your disposal?
Will you make good use of the last seconds to try a last chance team victory rush and maybe get the point needed for the victory?

More scary: "Vampires" ("THE BEAST")

In this game mode, all players are happy humans walking and shooting in the arena with no one to shoot at or be shoot at... well that's before the Galactica unleashes THE BEAST in the arena. Your mission as human is to try to survive until the end of the game. Humans as well as THE BEAST all have limited no. of lives, it's just that the BEAST is very strong and has 4 times as many life as any human (usually 5 lives for human, 20 to 25 lives for THE BEAST). 
You WIN the game if you survived as human until the game time is over.
You WIN the game if THE BEAST dies completely while you're still human.
If you die (5 times), you become a Zombie, you failed your first mission, but you have a second mission: you can still WIN the game if you help THE BEAST by killing humans. Each time you turn a human into a Zombie, you'll get one point, and if by the end of the game, all the humans are dead, the Zombies who have the most points WIN the game.

Note 1: If you are not a happy human walking and shooting in the arena when the game starts during the 30 seconds before we unleash THE BEAST, you will be automatically kicked out of the game!
Note 2: every time a human dies (usually after 5 times being shot) and becomes a Zombie, you can hear a scary laugh in the arena... and it usually means you situation becomes more and more dangerous, having to face more enemies!
Note 3: you are not allowed to shoot at the beast when THE BEAST is at home. THE BEAST however is allowed to shoot at you from home, so we recommend you do not stay too close. Humans and Zombie are not allowed to go to the BEAST home, only THE BEAST can have a rest at home, but will not stay too long there, since it has a very limited time to get rid of all the humans.
Note 4: A Zombie dying 4 times will run out of live and will have to leave the game.

Themed game modes

The Galactica develops special games for special events. June 2016 saw the launch of the World of Warcraft inspired game mode, in partnership with Meters/Bonwe. Choose your side, Orc or Humans, get your way through the dangers of the landscape, avoid mines, and attempt to destroy the enemy castle. You may die, and if no more blood you will have to get back to the tombs to live again!
Beware, a Beast is in your way, however, when it's dead it will ask for help. Get it to it's tomb and it will help you clear your way against your enemies until it is dead again.